The stripping method
Kaffee-Ernte - Die Stripping-Methode

The prevailing harvest method inBrazil: The berries are stripped from the branch. Then, these are laid out to dry for 3 to 5 weeks.

The picking method
Kaffee-Ernte - Die Picking-Methode

For this, the 10-finger system is relied upon. The coffee berries are individually picked by hand – bright red ripeness, undamaged berries guarantee quality.

Cleaning and sorting
Kaffee-Ernte - Säubern & Sortieren

As coffee berries are perishable, they need to be processed quickly after the harvest. First, both coffee beans, which are contained in each coffee berry, need to be separated from the fruit flesh. Then, the beans are washed, dried and then sorted according to quality and size.