Pure coffee enjoyment meets milk.

Excellent coffee enjoyment combined with creamy milk froth –  experience with CAFFEO® SOLO® & milk the whole variety of aromatic coffee specialities made by whole beans and milk.



The CAFFEO® SOLO®&milk combines creamy milk froth, excellent coffee indulgence and compact design. These features have convinced the judging panel to award it as "Product of the Year 2012".

Combined test results:

360° View
Puristic and compact
Puristisch und kompakt
Puristic and compact20 cm wide, 32,5 cm high, 45,5 cm deep - SOLO® & Milk is one of the smallest fully automatic coffee makers in the world and yet it provides enough space for high class Melitta technology.
Individual coffee preparation
Individuelle Kaffeezubereitung
Individual coffee preparationIndulgence without compromises: Choose your brewing temperature and coffee strength. With only one single rotation you can adjust the amount of coffee to the prefered cup size (30 - 220 ml).
Special brewing process
Spezielles Brühverfahren
Special brewing processFor maximum pleasure SOLO® & milk is equipped with a prebrewing-function: the coffee is rinsed with water before the proper brewing process starts to release maximum of flavour from the coffee during this phase. For optimal cleaning the entire brewing uni.
0-Watt switch
0-Watt switchUpon activating the 0-Watt switch, SOLO® & milk disconnects from the mains. And of course, your personal settings are kept. This On / Off function is programmable, that the machine disconnects from the mains at the desired time automatically.
Höhenverstellbarer Kaffeeauslauf
Height-adjustable coffee spoutThe coffee spout is adjustable up to a height of 135 mm for high Latte-Macchiato glasses or extrawide cups and bowls.
Double-cup mode
Double-cup modeSOLO® & milk prepares 2 cups of coffee at the same time just by the push of a button.
Removable milk frothing nozzle
Abnehmbare Milchschaumdüse
Removable milk frothing nozzleThe powerful milk frothing nozzle provides an easy preparation for wonderful airy milk froth and hot milk. It can be removed and cleaned in an convenient and easy way.